Certificate 15

Ages 15 and up

A drink at Christmas

It's cold. She pulls her coat together and goes up the stairs and out into the Christmas crowds moving north to the shops. At Selfridges she stops,...


I awoke in a vast white space. Nothing but light. Glare. No objects, borders, demarcation. No colour. A vague sense I’d been here before. Somewhere...

Two Modern Cynics

House of Elder 3

The Start Of Another Day

This is a collection of interesting thoughts and opinions that might change your perspective on life. It is a uniquely written philosophy book that also tackles certain aspects of personal development through the changes that a young man experienced throughout one year. One of the more interesting topics of this book involve good and bad(free will), handling emotions, relationships with people, the true meaning of understanding and most importantly, your well-being. As an Algerian author influenced by western culture, I also incorporated some ideas that are quite common in my country giving you a chance to view certain aspects of the North African mentality and life style. This is my first take at writing a fully-fledged book so I would love to hear your views and criticism of it.

Golden Memories: The Mysterious Implements

I had a rather fiery love-hate relationship with my mother, so when I returned home from the town where I worked, I was often shown the door. When...

Punk Bucket

It was the season of the deactivated, the disconnected, the disinterested, the discouraged, the dissociative and the disagreeable. It was summer...

what we did on our holiday, November 87

'what we did on our holiday, November 87' God helps three kinds of people: fools, children, and drunkards – we were two of the three. we were on a...
Gold cherry


The beautiful game.



Growing Down

Billy was woken up by his mum. He quickly washed and got dressed. His Harvard sweatshirt (it was somewhere in Belgium apparently), long shorts,...