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Money for the Circus

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Snippets of Downshire Life – Eastertide – Easter Monday

The Finchbottom Vale nestles comfortably between the Ancient Dancingdean Forest to the south and the rolling Pepperstock Hills in the north, and to the east 15 miles inland from Sharpington-By-Sea, equidistant between the seaside resort and Pepperstock Green was the rambling village of Brookley and at its heart was St Mildred’s Church.

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (58) Room Service (Part 02)

After Anna had successfully lured James to the clearing in the Dancingdean Forest and they shared an extended period of kissing Anna suddenly broke away when her phone alarm went off and she said “Sorry I have to dash” “What? Now?”

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (58) Room Service (Part 01)

James Ruddock was a 25-year-old singleton and was what they used to call a twitcher, although nowadays they prefer to be called birders and he was staying at the Shallowfield Lodge Hotel at the head of Teardrop Lake.

Game of Moans 9: ‘Final’

It all started kicking off round the back of Aldi, just down the road from the Winterfell estate. The Night King and his gang of undead thugs had...

Throwing Stones

‘You horrible lot will be working at Royal Ascot this summer.’ He looked at us as if we should feel honoured. A horrible lot, teenagers from...

El Nuevo Sombrero

The drive out is what I remember -- it’s where I want to be now. Going through the gates, leaving the others, f inding my freedom; I’m sure they...

Game of Moans 7: ‘Darts’

It was getting a bit lively at The Wall. The Night King had had one too many and was currently engaging in an arm wrestling competition with the...

Game of Moans 6: ‘Hand’

“So Jaime,” said Bronn, as they stood at the bus stop, waiting for the next bus to The North; “Now that you have only one proper hand, how do you…...

Pillow Talk

The title (but not the plot) taken from the eponymous film with Rock Hudson and Doris Day.