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The Blue Books Restored: Fragments 1A to 70 (part 4 of 4)

Diane cast her spell, like casting a boulder in a pool of Reality and causing it to ripple. The force of her will made manifest.

This Cold Place Where I Wait

I was always that girl. You know the one. Replicated through every high school in every city, in every little town, and for all I know in every...

The Blue Books Restored: Fragments 1A to 70 (part 3 of 4)

Real life lacks the structure of fiction. It is full of loose ends, of random events with no further significance, of dramatic turns from which no moral can be drawn. Yet sometimes, we perceive patterns in the raw chaos of existence. We insist that, somehow, it must all make sense.

The Blue Books Restored: Fragments 1A to 70 (part 2 of 4)

I remembered the look on her face, the wide-eyed incredulity that would almost have been funny in any other context, as her fingers turned into butterflies and flew away.

The Blue Books Restored: Fragments 1A to 70 (part 1 of 4)

Her name was ‘Diane’. A name I have preserved in my fiction for over thirty-five years. Whenever I wish to depict a fantasy woman, who is also all-too-human, I picture her.

Dreckly (Part One)

McLaurin Rowe glanced at the new email and misunderstood its single word. His disbelief did not diminish after opening and closing it several times...


The lady walked in. She was relatively innocent looking. She explained to me, while glancing around my shoppe nervously, that she wanted a reading to...


Rode like the clappers around the dam, away from her and her drilling Yes Dear's but mostly from the funny starred man of yesteryear Now another...

13 The Golden Arcade 10

10 Detective Sergeant Simmonds was a plain clothes detective with messy blond hair, a 1970s moustache, and thick-rimmed specs. Bart thought that if...

"there is no elite"

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