Certificate 15

Ages 15 and up

A Nervous Bread van

A Nervous Bread Van "David, is there anybody you know in this part of the world who can help you?" I was facing the Salvation Army Brigadier who sat...

The Pub

I wandered lonely as a tramp That floats on, high on heroin When through the darkened haze and damp I saw a most delightful inn Beside the pound shop...

Free verse poem

Free verse poetry is bollocks, It has no rhyme scheme or metre, It may as well be a dialogue. It's written by people who Are too lazy to make Words...

Silver Surgers

Last night Senator Amy Klobuchar coined a phrase during the Democratic debate. She used the phrase Silver Surgers to describe the political power of Baby boomers. I liked the coinage The phrase took me back to the days of Surfin' Safari, a tune by the Beach Boy's called Noble Surfer. That's how this thing started.

A Kiss for Luck

I had twenty cents in my pocket. That was it. I felt naked without the bank account; but at the same time a little bit free. Funny, the way you play...

The Ballad of Liz and James - 3

The Girlfriend is trying to teach me American but I’m struggling, it’s so different from English. On the first morning on my latest Austin trip I’d...

Shifting from First to Third

It's always fun to switch a story from first person to third which also requires a change of tense. Sometimes we got to get out of automatic.

A Matter of Trust

After he killed the kid in Cujo, I lost faith in King. Lost faith is not a deterrent to habit. I kept reading Stephen another 35 times. I remember...