Certificate 15

Ages 15 and up

Angel 28 (proposal)

Angel glanced around at the clock. There wasn’t a lot of time left. She took a deep breath and just came out with it. ‘I don’t know if you heard, but...

The New Shopping Queen

Ted: "Jen, Andy, thanks both of you for volunteering to be the new Shopping Queen. It's a competitive process, so Ken's going to ask you a few...

Angel 27 (tony and bruno)

Everything about prison quickly became routine and depressing. Visitors and visiting- time, bucked that trend and gave Angel a share of the communal...

The Life of Okkun Resteravi - Part Two

After the death of his mother, Okkun figures out how to navigate life, with the help of a drunkard slave named Ravi. Perhaps Okkun's childhood dreams are attainable, after all. Miss Elvakan has left him plenty of the information he needs to understand his lot in the world, but she forgot one little fact, it would seem. "Scanning?" Okkun asked, raising a brow. Miss Elvakan never mentioned that. Ravi sighed.

Rendezvous with Drama Part One

AUTHORS NOTE - This is the first instalment of "Rendezvous with drama" and still very much a work in progress so feel free to rip it apart and...

Thirteen East

Cloaked in a haggled-for tricoloured tent of a hammer-and-compass, Stasi officer’s cap back-to-front on history-drunk head, hands bent into “East Side” and “West Side” gangsta-rap gestures and watching the concrete-faced Russian Embassy guard caress his Kalashnikov...

A Bridge

I needed to build a bridge and this is a start!

Angel 26 (church and children)

Most of the prison jobs were taken, but Angel hoped to get something soon. She got free- association a few hours a day and out for meals, sitting at...

It Had Been a Long Exorcism

How we survived a psychotic episode

Valentine Charm The Muse

Those Pr-Raphaelites Knew of physical love How to win a heart, To pursue with words Those tears of emotion Then happily spoken, Followed with quill...