Certificate 15

Ages 15 and up

Kilo of Cheddar

Part 26

Changing Hands part 2 (revised title)

extract fron pt 1: These are the hands of your father and Grandfather and his father’s fathers. Hands that worked wood, hammered red hot steel into horse shoes, swung an axe or held the reigns of plough horses. Hard-working honest hands. You haven’t earned the right to wear hands that look like these.

Kit Handsome and the Mysterious Strangers 4

"So let me get this straight," said Anderson when Kit phoned him asking for reinforcements from the mainland. "You think the mysterious strangers...

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (82) Stable Relationship (Part 02)

Anna was a year or two younger than James, short in stature with long straight brown hair and a rather plain, heavily freckled face, but lovely blue eyes, a cute nose and a thin-lipped smile, she also had nice legs ensconced in black shabby tights and she had tiny feet always which was a bonus for him.

Thanet Exile

Part 25

Just Another Day

Just Another Day ​ Mam is shouting up the stairs. "Time ta get up, ya lazy bugger … time ta do tha stint t' factory. Can't ya 'ear yon siren it's...

Hold Me

Part 24.

Fräuleins and Frolics in Andermatt

Part 6 - Flash fiction - 500 words . Image: CC BY 3.0) – Author: Badener

Kit Handsome and the Mysterious Strangers 3

W hen I've finished with Hitler I'm going to investigate the cream-mine.

Spag Bol & Marys

Part 23