Certificate 15

Ages 15 and up

According to Paul

Once again Paul Giamatti is a nominee for the Best Actor Academy Award. What is it about this guy? He sure as hell ain't a looker. Dude is an actor...

Say the Name

Slowly, slowly, slowly and then suddenly. Like most Americans, I'm smart but I have very limited intelligence, Whatever intelligence I gather is...

A Devil of a Man (6) - A Pope's Dilemma

Enters the Green Count - Image by Odejea - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,- Wikimedia Commons

Four Phone Calls Away

Donald, Donald, listen up. Ya gotta do this and do it quick. Call Nikki Haley. And I mean now. Here’s what you say "Nikki, this is Donald. We had...

Baron von Ernest and the alien spaceship

I had the privilege of sitting in on the cabinet meeting with Baron von Ernest, who had recently been promoted to Emperor of the civilized word, when...

Baron von Ernest and the stick

Baron von Ernest and his entourage, myself included, were travelling in his private coach from the city back to the castle, when suddenly the Baron...

The Baron von Ernest (2)

My mother opened the door and the emissary from the Baron entered our abode. “Are you Hans Neesand?” he asked. I nodded nervously in response. “I am...

Chemistry Lingers

Watch out now. I'm about to get all English teachery. The subject is chemistry and the chemistry is from Shakespeare. Yeah, let's talk about Romeo...
Gold cherry

Killing the killers

Not for the faint-hearted. Just a way of releasing the anger regarding the preventable death of my daughter resulting from the side effects of a drug now known to be responsible for over 400 deaths a year.