Certificate 15

Ages 15 and up

Downshire Diary – (95) Escape to the Summer Fête (Part 02)

As had been the long standing tradition the Fête was held in the Mornington Manor grounds and also in keeping with tradition it was extremely well attended, in fact it was heaving.

You Are Both Of You Fantasists

We’re often in dis orchard – dat’s Dixon, McGurk and meself – and normally we’d have some buckets wit us and we’d be up on the trees, proggin apples...

unbearable oblivion

back, sometime ago playing patience wanking eating white bread there was no excuse not to run around naked in a cornfield but we didn’t not very much...


The outstanding recurrent mechanism within my dreams has to do with my camera. Like all of us, my dreams are overloaded with spectacular vistas,...

As The Coronavirus Continues......

This morning when I woke up, I thought of the people who about two weeks ago or more was in the category who was told, “Stay home.” This morning...


When I imagine pandemics past, the sky is like granite with howling winds drizzling rain and catcreeping fog. Today we are in the latest pandemic...


This is what morning looks like in the supermarket, from my bed sandwiched between the top shelf and the stuttering neon roof panels. There is a...


Part 73

Lockdown Surprise

A good opportunity for change ?

Downshire Diary – (95) Escape to the Summer Fête (Part 01)

Paul Biggerstaff and Liz Bradshaw were staying on a camp site in the Finchbottom Vale that was once a working railway station before it fell afoul of Dr Beeching and his cuts, in a place called Sharpinghead.