Certificate 15

Ages 15 and up


My writing class was asked to choose favourite books and write something in a similar genre. I love E F Benson's Lucia books. This is my attempt!...

How Are You Today?

It is 5 o'clock and the telephone rings. (Edited)
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Last Rites

I’ve shat it out myself, a complete lack of humility and grace. There is no value in any of it now, our long gone eyes of days. But I remember a...

Who Shot Pastor Boris?(1)

It was Saturday night in the living room of the community house. Sally walked in. "Jezebel, Jezebel," shouted one of the young men. "What's that all...
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Story of the week


Sarah pushed open the door to the living room. A fan heater threw up a little hot air and re-circulated the stink of cigarettes booze and the acrid...

Winning Streak

I'm four brown shots into a bottle of Jack. I've been here before and I'm coming back I'm a gamblin' man hearing the bugle call. The difference being...


A quick jot covering issues that should be dealt with in a pro-active manner during the post-holiday regroup. Need to actively scan range top during...

Monroe (5)

Both Frank and Terry looked at the photo of Thomas Sago on the whiteboard and then back to the video. Yep, it was him. No doubt about it. Sandra...


Whatever the UK suggest

Spaghetti on Sunday

I am of Irish and German heritage. Calling Dr. Freud as they say. My concept of a seven course meal is 6 Stouts and a potato. My unrefined palate is...