The Abstract vs. The Concrete

One can never come to a concrete answer unless one has an abstract plan to start with.  A primitive man might have a plan in his head to start a fire or build a wheel. At first it is only a dream, something that he had thought out, but as he works diligently on his mental plan it pretty soon becomes an actual reality. Soon the fire that he had lit is blazing brightly and he learns to control it, but originally it was only a spark of imagination in his mind. It is much the same as an architect’s plan which does not come to fruition until the completed building stands on the hill for all to see. Or a blueprint to an intricate piece of machinery which is only a guide to the completed product. So it is with math and science and even in our daily lives. The practice is the test and the theory is only a compass that guides one to the ultimate destination; a concrete cold fact. Sometimes it seems as if the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing; however it the result that matters. The proof of the pudding is in the tasting and it is the physical application of the fruit of our mental labours that gets the job done. The end justifies the means just as the practice and finished product justifies our mindscape and our human talents and endeavours. The future from magic to fact is only a brainwave away.


The flight of the arrow of truth, shot from the bow of our abstract minds, never deviates; and soon it finds its concrete mark.


Einstein was extremely concerned that his abstract mathematical dicoveries might unleash terrible energies and potentially weapons of destruction of unheard of scale.

This would be the blackboard and famous equation you give above, claiming that mass can be changed to energy, or, mass is equivalent to energy.

He even related these concerns to the president himself and as I have it Einstein later became a pacifist and devoted himself to world peace.

I must tell you you've explained this process very well indeed. Yes, an idea, a mustard seed.

Nolan &



Your invented terminology is brilliant eg "actual reality". But is it not so that some great inventions were made by accident? And not planned or designed. Although, so are many abstract discoveries!

Good story. I appreciate the positive approach together .with faith. Also I agree that these processes have been really very well described here.

Tom Brown