The Art of Believing

Some people look but do not see. Some people hear but do not listen. Some people feel, but they do not experience.

If you go out to the countryside somewhere far away from the city, and you look out at the stars at night, you will see the wonder of the galaxy, and a myriad of God’s pinpricks of light against the black canvas of eternity, beckoning eternal hope to all. Then you are truly seeing the magic of it all for the first time. If you are down at the coast and you listen to the lull of the mighty ocean somewhere on a quiet and secluded beach, you are at peace and all the world is in harmony. Now you are listening for the first time at the very voice of God. When you appreciate a piece of fine art or poetry, or listen to the mystical and timeless vibe of classical music, you are beginning to feel the Soul of the Universe and all of existence.

This is the wonder of life and all of creation; and some people say magic and the soul does not exist.