The Best Laid Plans

Social networking is like a mousetrap. It is a mousetrap of public opinion. The mousetrap itself is the reaction that you might expect from the public when you say something wrong. The bait or cheese is your own ego. This might have something to do with racism, hate-speech or prejudice, or perhaps even crime. Your ego lures you to this irresistible and fatal end; it is like a piece of cheese to a rodent. When the trap shuts closed it is a sudden and horrible fate. All your previous allies and the whole of the public will turn against you. This is a universal and timeless truth and it is applicable to all men. Think before you ink; and don’t be lured by the ultimate bait – your own ego. Easy does it. 


Good advice. I must tell all my Facebook friends...


The internet can indeed be a trap of our own device.

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Some people actually enjoy taunting fate in such a way, closer and closer to see how near they can get they are playing dice with death as a warm friendly light, until it is too late and you are siezed. The lure is suddenly succumbed the cheese grabbed and run but alas, the jaws are too fast and too strong.

Really enjoyed your story it's quite inspiring. For all and each, take heed! Nolan &


Thank you.


A trap like that is a terribly cruel thing it doesn't kill instantly. Ok but your story also sounds like Pinky and the Brain?!


The original quote is of Robert Burns (1759 - 1796): The best laid schemes 'o mice an' men gang aft a-gley. And of course John Steinbeck: Of mice and men.


It can be very frustrating I'd think, trying to force your will down on he universe &


Say "cheese!" Make a plan get the cheese! Who dares wins! Last one in is a rotten egg!