Big Brother Is Watching You

Mind-Control technique and technology has advanced leaps and bounds since its inception with project MK Ultra in the sixties and seventies. Nowadays the victims are subject to wireless torture through ‘Voices’ that are being induced but is actually just audio being broadcast at a constant stream into the skull and brain. Apart from this tapping of the mind also seems apparent. They can thus interpret your thoughts and correspond with psychological torture of the most extreme and severe kind. Actual targeting on foot or by car might also be a factor.

This is against all forms of liberty and is a transgression of the utmost kind against the rights of the individual. You may not come into my house without a warrant. You most certainly cannot come into my most holy sanctuary, my inward being, warrant or not! The Constitution guarantees us freedom from torture, furthermore it guarantees us our bodily integrity; this includes our minds above all. Who knows what manner of transgressions has been committed in the name of these workers of iniquity, and what horrors await us still.

In the book 1984 by George Orwell we can see that this psychological torture is the most extreme form of human abuse and degradation inflicted by mindless beasts to control and oppress their fellow man. This is a plan that can only end in disaster. It is a Chinese Water Torture technique and the inhumanity of it knows no bounds. If you transgress beyond the boundaries of my most holy realm, my inward being, you will have to face the consequences in return.  A dragon guards its hoard and the human mind its treasure.

The loop-hole that they have found won’t last forever and soon we will all sit with the baby; society, government and the rest of us. How much of the damage will already have been done by then. The irreversible damage that they have inflicted will have repercussions for all time to come. Get out of my mind and back on the beat! I’m not paying you to lie about on my property!