Cain And Abel

In the West the individuals rights are sanctified and precious, but in many parts of the world people are still being persecuted on the grounds of their beliefs and the people that they are. In some countries grass-smokers and gays are still being targeted and persecuted. It may even happen in your own hometown. In the Middle-East atheists are still given severe sentences and are regarded as terrorists by some. All of these individual rights are being targeted and destroyed, sometimes by the most beastly means imaginable. It is much like the story of Cain and Abel, where the good guy’s offering is accepted by God, and the other is rejected; because of his barbaric and senseless nature. He then proceeds to slay his brother out of hatred and envy. It is an age old scenario which plays itself out over and over in human history. Man cannot learn from its folly and these innocents remain lambs to the slaughter. He who is perfect let him cast the first stone; for the rest of us it is live and let live; and abide by the law. The daylight brings a bright tomorrow.  



What you say is very true and it makes me think of Longfellow on brothers: All your strength is in your union, all your danger is in discord.


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