Sonja Street, Centurion. It is nearing 2020 and it is now six months since my mother passed away. It is just me and my brother left in the house and I have been spending the time cleaning up and getting our affairs in order. The front yard has had a whole re-vamp when I cut down the last huge thorn tree in the garden. We made flower beds and planted some stuff out front and the whole house now looks much improved from outside in the street, which is the main road of our little suburb.

Spring is here and we are eagerly awaiting the summer rains. I am hoping for a relaxing end of the year and a splendid and enjoyable Christmas. Next year we shall begin the battle anew and we will face the onslaught of another year once again. My battle is day to day, week to week, and ultimately; month to month and year to year. I am fifty years old and my affairs are in order. Early retirement seems like not a bad prospect to me. I hope to rest in the year that is to come and will try to find my feet again. It has been a long, hard year.

I hope that the new decade brings hope and peace to you all, and may we all find fulfilment in our lives and that which it is that we do. ‘Bon Chance’ my friends, and ‘Bon Voyage!’