The Constitution of South-Africa

The ANC and Comrades are trying to change the Constitution to allow for farms to be taken without compensation in the Republic of South-Africa. This will affect our economy negatively at a time when it is already weak. The banks and the currency will suffer and the Rand will grow weaker and weaker, eventually fading into insignificance as other African economies have done. It will bring about a food shortage with the country having massive cities to feed. This in turn will make the political situation more unstable in a country of fifty-million people. A worst case scenario is that the whole system collapses and we sit with a Zimbabwe number two. It might very well come down like a house of cards. Third World Liberation countries and governments are known for nothing other than flop after flop, leaving behind them nothing but waste, decay and corruption. This is one of the last strongholds of wealth and liberty in the continent and if it falls; we all fall.

For those of us on the Democratic side of the spectrum the preservation of the Constitution should be of utmost importance. Not one change to it should be made to ensure the liberty of ourselves and our children. If we start chopping and changing to the document that is the foundation of our freedom; where will it end? How many other amendments to liberties and rights must we endure? Will this affect merely agriculture or all private property? The Constitution was supposed to have been carved in stone as were our liberties, rights and property. Liberation ‘Pie-In-The-Sky’ has never paid of and never will. There is no free lunch in a world of dollars and cents.

I personally would beg the ANC Government to reconsider on behalf of all of us, because in life as in Chess, your first wrong move could be your last.      


Our democracy is only 25 years old and already they want to change the constution.


The ANC acts like they are Robin Hood stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, when in actual fact they are stealing from all of us and enriching themselves. This scheme is doomed to failure before it has even started.