Cry the Beloved Country

There has been much violence and murders by the ANC and their
supporters since the inception of the new democracy in 1994. In the early 90’s
there was the Shell House Massacre wherein a few dozen people from the
IFP-party were shot by them with assault rifles. They were still a struggle
outfit in those days. There were attacks and murders on foreigners from other
parts of Africa in the 2008 xenophobia attacks. The whites in South Africa seem
to be targeted as well, although this is vehemently denied. There have been
several thousand deaths in the most gruesome murders imaginable, with farm
owners being prime targets. White people across the political spectrum have
been murdered, from liberals such as Amy Biehl to right-wing members such as
Eugene Terblanche. The Treatment action campaign, a charity that helps fight
HIV-Aids, has received death-threats recently. DA supporters of African descent
were stoned and attacked by their supporters during the last election. This is
a democratic, multi-racial party which performs quite well at the polls, and
who is currently the ANC’s main opposition. Their struggle counterpart in
Zimbabwe, the Zanu-PF under Robert Mugabe, oppresses the opposition Movement
for Democratic Change in our neighbouring country and nothing was ever done
about it. In 2008 he brought in a ship full of weapons such as AK 47 assault
rifles, to aid him in this task. At the Marikana Massacre recently about 40
miners were gunned down by the SAPS, who were formerly ANC supporters
themselves. They have since joined the newly formed EFF. This is a few examples
of the atrocities still being committed in South Africa by the ANC and their
supporters. It seems the violence has never really stopped since their
liberation days. The security situation in our country is dire, and none of
this bodes well for the future as far as this is concerned. It is time for the
west to act and to put pressure on the ANC government to stop this sort of
behaviour. Law and order, and good governance, must be restored at all cost.

"Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world..." The Second Coming –Yeats


In these past two years there has been more attacks on foreigners from other parts of Africa. Hate-speech towards whites and other minorities also seems to be a common occurance. The clouds of oppression and genocide is surely gathering over our fair country...