The Democratic Way

I believe in the concept of one God; Monotheism. Over the last seven years I have been extensively tortured about this by the SAPS. This is my viewpoint as far as religion goes and it will never change. They may kill me but my answer remains the same; I am a believer.

I believe in the Democratic principles of liberty, equality and justice. I do not consider liberation in my country to any one of those. I will always oppose liberation and the negative impact it has on the whole of society and all of South-Africa. They may kill me, but my answer remains the same; I am a Democratic minded person.

A lot of other personal issues have been thrown against me in this torture-affair and murder-attempt such as my Afrikaans/English background; I am an Afrikaans speaking person of English heritage and I am UNABLE to change this. No amount of prejudice and torture will change this fact. My Roman Catholicism has also been a point of persecution. The list goes on and on. I am unable to do anything about these peoples jealousy, hatred and prejudice; but my convictions, and the person that I am will never change regardless of the measure of inhumanity and hatred.

Should I die for these viewpoints and convictions; I will be proud. In the words of Winston Churchill; “If you have enemies; that means you stood up for something in your life”.

The flesh may perish but the spirit endures.