Diamonds Are Forever

A piece of coal under immense pressure and heat, over millions of years, eventually becomes a diamond. People are much the same. An individual over many years, subjected to pressure and adversity, might also in the course of a lifetime – become as precious as a diamond in his personality and his being. Adversity breeds character, as the saying goes, and this does not happen with a life of luxury and ease – but with a life of hardship and sorrow. A principle stands for all eternity such as love, hope and faith; such as liberty, equality and justice; this is the essence life. A principle and a life that was led as such, endures forever and will never cease to be. That which we stand for is invincible and unbreakable for all time to come. The heaven and the earth may pass away; but the truth and our principles will never pass away. Maturity does not necessarily come with age; but it comes from within. Love is the greatest King of all.



Your description of how a diamond is made is excellent. Still today we can manufacture only grains the tiniest stones in the laboratory. Such tiny stones would be only of industrial diamonds grade.

"Love is the greatest King of all." Indeed!

Just so diamond touched by your lifted gravity of words they stayed with me thanks


Diamonds are forever. Thank you both for reading and commenting.


Nicely done.


The only thing there is that can cut or even scratch a diamond is another diamond. A diamond is the hardest known material it consists of a 3D lattice of carbon atoms in effect diamond should be only one molecule. Or close to. An immense molecule there's no description it's huge it's gigantic far far past . . . if you think how small a carbon atom is and how many there must be.

&& Cheers! Nolan