The Dogs Of War

MK-Ultra was the first known program attempting and practicing Mind-Control. This was in the seventies. It was said to have been shut down after the Church Commission, but in actual fact just went deeper underground and continued to operate and advance. Nowadays victims internationally are targeted by means of electronics that can interfere with the brain and broadcast voices into the skull. This is known as V2k. The victims are known as Targeted Individuals. Physical harm can also be done to the victims through modern electronics and new generation technology. The basic modus operandi seems to be to drive the victim to the brinks of insanity through inducing ‘voices’ and targeting with wireless electronic weaponry. Actual persecution and targeting on foot or by car might also play role in the victims targeting. Eventually he is taken up in the psychiatric system but nonetheless the targeting continues. The most horrible atrocities have been documented by the victims on the internet.

I have been following this topic and these victims on Facebook for several years, having been a victim myself. Conspiracy Theories abound from the CIA and the Illuminati through to Shape Shifting Lizards and Alien Invasions. It is like chasing the white rabbit down the hole and ending in a make-believe world where everything is turned upside down. It is all distortion of the truth and disinformation tactics. Whatever the greater conspiracy may or may not be; the truth is that these are just gangs of morons and thugs that have been unleashed on the public and who act as a law on their own. It is Nazi-tactics to supress opposition and opinion and to incite the masses. It is like any persecution at any time in history except that the intensity has been scaled-up infinitely by technology. It is the modern torture chamber of the mind and is here to stay unless it is stopped. If it is not halted in its tracks the Law and the Constitution as we know it will be null-and-void and all forms liberty will be obsolete. We will live in dictatorial and oppressive society the likes of which the world has never known. ‘The Matrix’ could not be worse.

Technology and Science might be used for good or evil, but in this regard the dark side of man seems to have gotten the upper-hand.   


The problem with paranoia is that sometimes you're wrong.

'A great Empire is not conquered from without; it is conquered from within.' Unknown


Hard to believe, and insidious corruption, very true.