Double Agent

It seems that nowadays whites in the SAPS are acting as their own little double-agents. For more than ten years under the Zuma regime I was tortured about my objections and concerns regarding murders and atrocities against minorities and opponents of the ANC and comrades in South Africa. I was made the villain in this regard and was tortured and maimed to the extreme on these grounds which they held to be the law. Now that we have a more moderate, mature and responsible President in Cyril Rhamapoza and things are starting to swing in our favour they now claim to be fighting for their old lot and their
old white Apartheid caste system. They are now trying to play white against black, the same way that they played black against white under Zuma. What they are trying to accomplish by all this God only knows, but it is clear that they only have one goal in mind and that is to entrench and promote themselves under the new system and government. They have no loyalties, no people and no country. They have merely become their own little mercenaries and double-agents only out for personal gain and the Devil take the rest of us. In the end their end shall be as their ways and not only us, but they  themselves, will reap this ill wind that they have sown. This little Cain and Judas has no place in our new Democratic South Africa and they are only out to cause maximum damage to our laws and our liberty. Nip this spectre of Apartheid in the bud, or we; The
People, sure as Hell will!