Eternal Mysteries

There are some things that we still cannot grasp or fathom with all of our scientific knowledge in the 21st Century. These are concepts such as:

Space and the Universe. These are without beginning or end, and as such is infinite and without borders. Any point in the Universe is the centre of the Universe. This is a miracle which is beyond comprehension, but seems to be a scientific fact.

Time is also without beginning or end, and can be represented with a timeline which has no beginning or end. One moment in time is a mark on this line, but the line itself never starts or ends. History is passed, and a moment lies in wait, but the present is gone in an instant. The future, like the past, lies always out of our reach. As such the future, the past and the present is something that can never be pinned down. It is another mystery one can never truly grasp - it is as if time does not exist at all.

Life is another miracle that can never be fully understood or explained. One cannot create life in a vacuum, and the chance of it ever occurring is one in a billion. It is the most precious of things, and also the most fragile. Life is an essence which remains a mystery in itself.

Thoughts are another thing that we cannot fathom. The human brain is capable of depths unknown, and like the Universe, has no limitations. It is a wonder of creation and is limitless in extent. A miracle within a miracle, it is capable of unknown measures of good and evil. Things like creativity and the human experience can never be duplicated.

As far as the Individual goes, no two plants, animals or people are ever exactly the same. The individual is a random factor that can never be pinned down or predicted in the words of my grandfather; ‘Nothing is fool-proof, because fools are so ingenious.’

These are just some of the miracles that we experience every day. Will we ever have all the answers about ourselves and our existence? I doubt it. Live in the here and now and attach value to your mortal life. The human experience is a one-way trip whichever way you look at it. We are all just crumbs left behind in the deep dark forest of life…

“Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream.” Edgar Allan Poe