The Ewings Of Dallas

The global picture might be compared to the television programme ‘Dallas’. America and the West are the mighty Ewings, with no scruples and all the power in the world. The Cartel is the other super-powers like China, Russia, India and Pakistan. They also have a lot of say and they tend to stick together, especially when it comes to the Ewings. The likes of Cliff Barnes are represented by small third world countries such as Zimbabwe, South-Africa and the countries in Latin America. Like Cliff Barnes these small timers try to beat JR at his own game and when this does not work they go running to the Cartel for help, just as Robert Mugabe approached Communist China for help after the West was no longer interested in his sob-story and personal ruin which he inflicted on himself and his people. History keeps on repeating itself and the outcome of the global soap opera is oh so predictable. The likes of Cliff Barnes will go belly-up, and the battle for the control of oil and wealth and power will continue among the big players. Cliff Barnes never stood a chance against the wolves of Wall Street. 


" The upper crust is just a bunch of crumbs sticking together."

Rather the Devil you know than the Devil you don't.