The Fall Guy

Sometimes you get a man that personifies a season. As such you get the spring-time man. He is a young man and around him the blossoms are always blooming and there is always a fresh breeze in the air. His personality is an abundance of fresh growth and the re-birth of spring. Then you get the summer-man who is always shinning and warm. He might be a father figure who gives his glow to everyone and his children and relatives bask in his warmth. His smile is like the sun’s rays warming all those around him. He is warmth and happiness in his very essence. Then you get the fall-guy. He is an older man and the leaves in his life have already started to fall. They have turned to brown, yellow and burgundy, and he sheds them gradually in the chilly autumn weather like an old tree. The wind blows and the grass is starting to yellow and die about his feet. The fall-guy is the most beautiful of seasons; he who has lived his life to the full when the seasons were sunny, and who is now waiting for old-man winter to come. And winter comes it does; with not a leaf to shed, and nothing but bare branches to show. It stands all alone in the icy cold and braves the extremes of life and weather. But somewhere out there a child is born, and the whole cycle of manhood repeats itself endlessly, spring, summer, fall and winter. The circle of our lives completes itself and our years changes like the never-ending pattern of the seasons. Make the most of each season of your life and never regret a moment of growth or rest. And when the fall-guy comes doing his rounds rest assured in the fact that you have done your best in this eternal circle of life.


Yes but don't forget a man is like the most expensive and finest vintage cognac, he only improves he becomes of only greater value as he ages.

As the brandy matures so does the man. Thanks for commenting.