The Great Beyond

I am a mature man and am well acquainted with death. Death is always imminent, death does not discriminate, and death is final. In law we have no defence if we are guilty, in science it is the same. Death is a permanent fact which we all have to deal with sooner or later. We cannot do miracles of faith which is beyond the realm of science, we cannot raise the dead. Death conquers all and rules our world. There is no escaping or denying it. It is like a rock; immovable and irrefutable. It is not going anywhere anytime soon. You cannot conjure up ghosts or miracles by the mere token that it is impossible. No other being or entity will manifest itself here on earth in all eternity. You cannot catch the wind in a bucket. This all seems to point to the fact that death and mortality is the final outcome for all flesh and blood. This may be so, and yet I believe. I believe against all physical proof in the uncalculated variables. In all that is seen and unseen, not merely what we observe on the surface, but that which lies hidden underneath it all. I believe that love and the human experience cannot be calculated or formulated in a test tube or jar. I believe that there is a meaning in all this far beyond our mortal comprehension. I believe in hope and light and love long after we are gone. I still believe, yet that which I believe seems impossible and foolish to some. Love is the key for it answers all questions and rights all wrongs. Reach for the stars and be true to yourself. You’ll never know until you know.