How To Capture Eternity In An Instant

When I stand in my room I can hear the heavy traffic outside day and night, as I live on the Main Road of our town. If I take a coin in my hand and drop it, it falls to the ground. This is a given, as it is because of gravity. I drop the coin and then listen to a car passing by in front of the house. The car passing by is like the coin; it is a given that it would pass my house at exactly that time. The driver of the vehicle would have done nothing other in his life at that precise moment in time; because he was destined to do so. It was all pre-determined; like the moment I dropped the coin from my hand. You can perform this basic experiment yourself. Drop a coin and think of gravity. Then listen to a car pass by outside. The one like the other had no choice but to happen. They are both a given. Thus the car passing in front of the house was pre-determined to be on this course at this exact moment in time. Neither one of the two are co-incidence; they are both pre-determined. Furthermore, they are synchronized, and this is no co-incidence. This means the whole thing is timed.

(When performing the experiment, the bounce of the coin should be timed with the passing of the car. Use a quarter and a smooth, flat surface.)



My Evolution and Big-Bang Theory:


'God Does Not Play Dice With The Universe.' Albert Einstein.