Kaleidoscope Of Faith

I am actually a Roman Catholic (Of Methodist origin) but have been interested in all kinds of religions and viewpoints from a fairly young age. I had a look in person, when I was young, at various Church groups. Most of these belonged to the Christian faith. I’ve had a look in books, and at art, of other religions and groups such as Mormons, Islamic and Buddhism. I’ve had friends who were Atheist in my life, and I’ve had friends who were Jehovah’s Witnesses. An aunt of mine who is 95 and in good health, has been a Buddhist all her life, and still practices her yoga daily. I’ve travelled in my mind, and even in person, to many ways and many convictions; and to me it is like a child’s Kaleidoscope – ever changing and beautiful. The variation of the pattern lies in one’s perspective, but it is all the same thing. Mankind in all his madness and belief is a living whole. We are all one. Our faith and dreams and being are interwoven like the beautiful patterns of a Kaleidoscope. The sum is greater than the parts of the whole.


There have been attempts to create an all-inclusive "universal religion". I do think of the song lyrics to "Imagine" as well as the so-called New Age movement. If you strip it to the core, as you say to essential beliefs and morals there's little difference among the mainstream religions. It is really so I've done a bit of study myself and like you and friends and family members included. We should all of us try to be tolerant and respect the neighbour's religion. Instead of all the time tryin to force our own down his throat.

A beautiful little piece of prose JP Brown!

Thank you.


The rainbow is a symbol of joy and love and hope. It is nature in all its splendour and wonderous beauty.



There are many roads that lead to the high hills of enlightenment. Thanks for commenting.