A Kind Of Magic - Science

Time is endless, and there is a small mathematical possibility that somewhere in time the universe will come into existence. Sooner or later this miracle happens and time and space co-exists in the same dimension, and the universe comes into existence. Space, like time, is infinite and without borders. In other words, the universe has no limits and is therefore endless. (Any point in the universe is the centre of the universe.)

There is also a smallmathematical chance that somewhere in time an event like the big-bang will occur, and in due course it does. The solar systems and the galaxies are formedin this way. Finally there is a small mathematical possibility that life will evolve on planets that are able to harbour and foster it. Eventually this also happens and thereafter it is a process of evolution until the existence of man. It all happened within the wider scope of nature and the universe.

This is the true origin of man in scientific terms.

(Every single living organism that exists, or has ever existed, is entirely unique. In some way the universe, and life in the universe, sustains itself endlessly through regeneration.)