The Magic Of It

In Stone Age times one comes across the ‘superstition’ of pressing a thorn into the foot print of an enemy. The owner of the footprint is then supposed to experience the same harm as the ‘magic’ by being stuck with thorn in the foot somewhere along his path. The odds of this happening are 99,9% set to fail according to science. However, according to mathematics, there is still a 0,01% chance of it actually happening and the intended victim might actually step into a thorn. Is this ‘co-incidence’ a mere co-incidence, or is there indeed the chance of an ‘X-Factor’ or a ‘Great Unknown’  having some mysterious influence on us.

In Africa one has the practice of throwing and interpreting ‘the bones’. Once again the chance of an accurate prediction is minimal, but who is to say that it never has happened? Your chance of winning at the Roulette is equally slim, and yet; why do we play? A 0,01%chance is slim, but there is still a chance on success. That is the sport of the game for those who have an imagination and belief in the impossible, where others believe in no magic at all. Does ‘The Twilight Zone’ exist, or is the odd ‘win’ a mere ‘co-incidence’? I will leave you to make up your own mind while I head off to the local Casino to go and make another bet;  just  because I feel 'lucky'.  


Make sure you hedge your bets though... and don't risk your shirt.


Lol...Thanks mate. I'll buy you all a round on my winnings!


I like the idea of cards and Casino gambling a lot too but I only want to be the Bank.


Sounds like Voodoo. It is a very interesting idea. The moment the victim steps in the thorn the probability turns from 0.01% to 100% I heard of a computer guy around here that insists that the probability of any concievable thing at all happening is 50% or 50-50 the reasoning simply being, either this something happens, or it doesn't.

You get the same thing in Astrology. Of course a prediction is just as extremely unlikely but when it happens what now? Did the Astrology work? And when the probabilities start compounding? Say chances are 25% that I passed statistics and then maths as well 25% so to pass both? First one, then the other? 50% is much easier to work with.

Thanks Tom. Never Say Never!


As you say, nothing is impossible, or, anything is possible. Nothing happens without reason and there is no such thing as coincidence.

It always boils down to a question of faith. It depends on how you look at things, often there is no clear right or wrong, true or false &&


Many things in life are highly improbable; yet nothing is entirely impossible. With hard work we reach the stars!