The Magic Of Words

There is a lot to be said about the figurative. From ‘The Ugly Duckling’ to modern poetry, our lives are represented by stories and ideas. Language without it is meaningless and dead. Imagination represents a reality far greater than our everyday existence. The word is real.

From the Viking gods through to African culture our language and traditions are marked by it. From the Bible up to modern rock music our lives are enriched by it. Our existence without it would be impossible. It extends over all races and cultures. It is a global phenomenon; timeless, and one with humanity itself.

In the movie-theatre of our imagination, words and ideas come alive, and settle in the foundations of our subconscious. The truth within any context is still the truth; as such it is the truth in every sense of the word. It is not only that which it is depicted as; but rather, that which it represents.

There is a little ‘ugly-duckling’, waiting to transform into a beautiful swan, in all of us. 


What is magic? Is it a concrete fact; or is an idea. Ideas often lead to concrete facts. Magic is what we perceive it to be. So it is with the magic of words. The intangible is often more tangible than reality.