The Meaning of Life

There are many creeds and teachers out there each offering
to be your salvation, but in the end your happiness depends on yourself. The
golden rule of the value of life and loving your neighbor might come in handy
in your quest for personal and spiritual fulfillment, but in the end it is all
up to you. The real question at the end of the day is; am I still happy? Can I
stand my own company and look myself in the mirror each day? Can I still live
in harmony with others and stand it to live in my own skin? There is one person
that I have to live with the whole of my life, and that is myself and my
conscience. Am I still happy and do I still experience the joy of living and
the love of those around me? Life is an answer, not a question; yes, I am still
O.K. and with grace from up above I will have the strength to carry on day by
day. Life is not a bed of roses but our mindset shouldn’t change it into a
deep, dark dungeon either. As long as I can still live with myself all is not
lost and the daylight brings a bright tomorrow.