The Midnight Writer

I am up in the midnight hours. Like a lot of internet-junkies I burn the flame throughout the night.

Night-time is best suited for writing and being creative. I can sit for hours and smoke while drinking coffee; always staring at the screen. I might write something, or I might tidy up my webpages. Company can always be found on Facebook, and I might go and tinker around there for a while. Slowly the hours of darkness creep by while all others in the house are fast asleep.

You might find your fellow night-owls on the web during a long nights surfing. A lot of people seem occupied in this way, instead of having a full-time job. You can’t pay the rent messing around on a computer; but its fun. I sign petitions from time-to-time, or browse around in groups and forums. The world is quiet in the early-morning hours, and outside the stars twinkle in the black sky. I light another smoke and pass the time on the net.

Sometimes I might eventually fall asleep, but often I go right through the night. As daylight starts to break, I open the curtains to let the light in. Outside in the gardens there is a cacophony of birds-song this early in the morning. Dogs bark at the cart-pushers and early morning joggers coming by. Slowly the traffic starts to pick up, and soon the rat-race is in full swing as another day in suburbia begins.

During the afternoon I might get a bit of sleep, but the night-time is my cherished hours. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…