Mind-Control hails from the CIA’s MK-Ultra days when it first
came to light. Today it is widespread and occurs all over the globe. It is now quite advanced with wireless electronics being used which can also broadcast audio. It is psychological and physical torture of the worst degree and there are many victims internationally.

If this continues the way it has there will be no more liberty
in future years, only an eternal prison of the mind. We will be left as slaves with nothing but a zombie existence. In essence they will strip your very humanity and soul from you. The very essence of your being. Destroying not only lives but the future of our children and grandchildren for generations to come.

They will enslave all mankind for all eternity. This is Treason,
High-Treason; the penalty for which is death. Even this is too good for this pure undiluted evil which is seeping through humanity and the whole globe. Fight Mind-Control and put an end to it as soon as possible.


History records that some times the most unbelievable are infact the truth.

But they may try and control your mind but your spirit they can not touch.

Be strong.



Thank you.