Mind-Control in the 21st Century

In science-fiction we come across stories of Big Brother and the Thought-Police. The ultimate Gestapo controlling not only our every movement; but also our very thoughts.  Now it seems that science-fiction has become science-fact once more. The brain being an electro-chemical organism can now apparently be interfered with by means of electronics. Not only by inducing audio, but perhaps even manipulating our thoughts. Apparently Candid-Camera hosted a show where audio was induced in a person’s mind, which made them believe that they were hearing ‘voices’. In Japan one gets a vending machine that does the same.

A lot of development has apparently gone into this field over the decades by top scientists working for governments and big corporations. In America one gets the TI movement; or targeted individuals, who believe that they are being targeted in this way by individuals or authorities using this technology. These electronics is believed to be magic by some, but no; it is only science and technology.  As far as the TI scenario goes, it seems like some sort of Hollywood-movie. A spy-game for those in the intelligence community with the TI’s being the fox in the hunt. Some kind of sport like ‘turkey-shoot’.  There is much talk about these ‘non-lethal’ weapons and there use in the media.

Like many marvels of technology these electronics is now a part of society and mankind. For better or worse we are stuck with it. It is time for the Government to act, and to put legislation in place that controls the use of this technology according to law. The Constitution and the rule of Law must be maintained.  Justice will prevail.


Every day, all across the globe, people are being targeted by means of wireless electronics. ‘Voices’ are often induced and the person’s psyche is interfered with. This often coincides with actual stalking and harassment of the victim. This treatment can carry on for months or even years, often leading to psychiatric treatment. (The reason you may be targeted varies from case to case.) These people are known as Targeted Individuals and are the victims of such witch-hunts and abuses. I myself have been a victim of this for many years. It is human rights abuse of the worst degree.


Far fetched. Truth is stranger than fiction.

"The new dark ages might well return on the gleaming wings of science." Winston Churchill


Little Known Facts of Mind-Control:

These wireless electronic devices can interfere with your psyche.
These wireless electronic devices can read your thoughts and interpret your ideas.
These wireless electronic devices are Lethal.