The Miracle Of Life

I believe that there is a scientific explanation for everything. But when I sit under the dark night-sky out in the veldt and look at the myriad of stars, I wonder if there isn’t perhaps something more than us. When I look out on a valley over the wonder of creation, I wonder what the explanation and the reason for all this is. When I see a newborn babe, I wonder at the miracle of life. All this makes me wonder if there isn’t perhaps something like a God. Isn’t the wonder of nature a miracle in itself? This is the value and the meaning of life. It is certain because it is impossible.


Some people claim there is a "rational" scientific explanation for every thing. It could be so, but the fact that there is a rational explanation in itself is not to say it is correct, in other words, that it is true. A valid scientific explanation could just as well be wrong. Simple. And further, this belief is also an act of faith, it cannot be proved.

Your ideas are profound and especially the concluding sentence, overwelmed by the wonder and beauty and the miracle of life.

Keep well great stuff! Tom Brown

Fight the good fight, go the distance and keep the faith. smiley



Aristotle said a likely impossibility is always preferable to an unconvincing possibility.

Because only the truest things always are true because they cannot be true
- e.e. cummings


To thine own self be true. Thanks for commenting!