The Old Man on the Mountain

I had great expectations of writing books. This I ideal I quickly scaled down to writing short stories, and scaling it down still, I ended with writing shorts and prose of about one page.  My aspirations to great literature did not last long as you can see for yourself. However, while going through my short-story phase I did write one story that stands up above the rest; ‘The Old Man on the Mountain’.  It was typical morning in those days and the housekeeper had just arrived for work leaving the house in the usual turmoil and disruption of early morning activity in our house. I retired to the outside room where I lived and started plotting a new story for the day as this was the buzz that I was on at this precise point in my life.  I had an epiphany of writing a story where one might start out as a mere apprentice and end up it the position of your boss and your guru through a series of unknown events and the eternal circle of life. I won’t divulge any more for fear of giving the plot and the story away. I used a copy and paste technique which I developed along with my writing style, and took a piece from the beginning of the story, and pasted it at the end thereof; leaving a complete and perfect circle. It took me one working day to plot and complete the story, and the length is about five pages. On average I get about 200 to 250 reads per story which is not very much, but this entry seems to have gone ‘viral’ according to my modest standards on the internet getting over 1500 reads on ABCtales. Go along and see for yourself whether or not you agree if with my readership and if this is not just the greatest little tale of great expectations coming to fruition in the strangest of ways. Magic is only a blot of ink away.           


I read your story and enjoyed very much.


Thank you. smiley