One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Recently ninety-four psychiatric patients died in South Africa after they were taken up by non-licenced NGO’s where the conditions were horrific. They were moved from state psychiatry to these institutions of dubious background where they eventually died from poor nutrition and poor care. I fear for the life of all psychiatric patients, including my own, in the long run. The police and the courts are quick to sentence people to psychiatry with little or no care as to what the future might hold for them. I have been on 40mg of psychiatric drugs each month via injection for the last twenty years and my health is gradually fading. This is because of what seems like serious police corruption co-inciding with political and racial prejudice by the ANC ruling party. Mind-Control and modern electronic weaponry also played a big part in this victimization of myself and others. Many patients now face an uncertain future and there is no help forthcoming. Assurances as to their safety has to be made, and the South African government must commit itself to serious reforms as far as psychiatry goes. The innocent cannot protect themselves from these abuses, and as such it is up to the public and the international community, to do so. Crimes against helpless victims cannot be excused.  


shocking but not unexpected. Much the same system operates here in Britain. 


Psychiatry doesn't seem to have made much progress in a hundred years of existence. Thanks for reading.


The official death-toll now stands at over a 140 patients.