Origin Of Man

The word Genesis means ‘Our Origin’. It was carried over by word of mouth for countless generations before it was written down by hand and recorded for all posterity. Like the winds out in the desert blows the sands of time to and fro, so centuries and millenniums  of man’s time has washed over these origins of ours and they have survived with all the magic and mystery of the human mind that created them. We get creation myths in all cultures from the Native Americans to cultures of the East. They also have myths relating to the great flood and so there can be drawn many a parallel between these roots of man.

These tales were told around the camp-fire under the stars by the elders of the tribe long before they were ever recorded. They can be compared to such great acts of human ingenuity such as Stone Henge, The Pyramids and The Great Wall of China. They have shaped our past and our future for endless generations to come. You cannot teach your grandmother to suck eggs and with all that mankind has gained it has lost and equal measure of the beauty and glory of life. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end.

These tales and mysteries are the roots of our culture and humanity. A tree without roots is nothing but a dead tree stump. Nourish the roots and keep the tree ever alive. Imagine the impossible!