Pax Romana

It is said that history keeps on repeating itself. It is also said that we who study history are doomed to stand aside helplessly while others repeat it. If you were a Roman soldier back in olden times you would be faced with a barbarian threat to the north and you’re only real threat to the south; a rival empire named Carthage. You would do your best as a mere foot soldier on the ground to ensure that Rome survives all these ordeals. Ultimately, with discipline and commitment, Carthage will fall and the barbarian threat will be subdued. Little thanks you will get for your sacrifice, other than knowing that you did the right thing.

The West and the USA is faced with a similar dilemma. They have the backward third world to deal with full of want-to-be commies and little dictators. Their only real rivals are countries like Communist China and Russia, with the same might and power as themselves. A similar scenario is destined to play itself out in the present, and one must pray to whatever gods one believes in that Rome, and in this regard the West, will prevail. As per usual the soldier gets little thanks other than to die with clean conscience.

Without Democracy there is no rule and order. Without Democracy there is no hope. Without Democracy there is no life. 


The Roman Empire might not have been perfect, but then neither was Attila the Hun and the rest of the barbarians; just like Mugabe, Idi Amin, Hussein, Gaddafi and Castro. Progress is still better than a thousand years of darkness. Human history remains a comedy, a tradgedy and a drama all at the same time. 


Sad but true. Yes, and whenever you're in trouble you just announce "I am an American" and you've saved your hide. Just like, "I am a citizen of Rome" immediate indemnity and privalege.

I'd rather have one tyrant in Washington than a thousand tyrants on my doorstep.