In Perfect Harmony - Science vs. Religion

I was brought up in a scientific family and learnt the tricks of the trade from an early age. At school I faired average in the subject, and did not excel like my brother, who is now a PhD in Mathematics. I preferred poetry and literature in my studies, and this is the direction that I followed. I wrote poetry and fiction for eight years on the internet, and studied languages and literature for a while.

I found science boring and filled with foregone conclusions. My brother was always a master at it, and I found myself in the position of being both his guinea pig and student as a boy. In this way I was tutored around the subject. I was never a science fanatic, and preferred the arts.

Nonetheless, I feel that science should be for everyone; the religious and the non-religious – young and old alike. Apparently the Pope himself recently put forth the statement that there is no ‘Old Man in the Sky’ and that the Evolution and Big-Bang Theories are a reality. This doesn’t make our existence any less wondrous or life any less of a miracle. In my opinion there should be harmony between belief and science for man to attain his full potential of being.

One needs two hands in order to play the piano of life.  


I believe that there is a scientific explanation for everything. But when I sit under the dark night-sky out in the veldt and look at the myriad of stars, I wonder if there isn’t perhaps something more than us. When I look out on a valley over the wonder of creation, I wonder what the explanation and the reason for all this is. When I see a newborn babe, I wonder at the miracle of life. All this makes me wonder if there isn’t perhaps something like a God. Isn’t the wonder of nature a miracle in itself? This is the value and the meaning of life. It is certain because it is impossible...