Pinky And The Brain

The Brain awakes with a start in the middle of the night, as he always does when he has had a bright idea.

“Pinky!” he shouts as he shakes his partner awake from his slumber. “Pinky; I’ve got it” he says to his dim-witted mate, “I know how to do it; I now have the perfect plan to take over the world.”

“What would that be Brain?” says Pinky as he wipes his eyelids open.

“I will invent a mind-control device that can induce data, audio and video into people’s minds. I will drive them mad with voices and dreams and delusions and send them the madhouse. I will target intelligent people and create a global idiocracy. Thereafter you and me will rule the remaining sheep with our superior intellect; and rule humanity for all eternity!”

“Sending them to asylums for no reason seems a bit harsh Brain.” says Pinky.

“You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs Pinky.” He responds, and starts laughing like the insane megalomaniac rodent that he is.

And so they get to work on their latest gadget to ensure world domination while the world outside is sound asleep. Tomorrow will be a new day, and a new dawn.


Global idiocracy. We are halfway already it does work well in America.

Truth is stranger than fiction. Thanks.


The plans of mice and men