Psychosis Induced By Smoking Grass - A Modern Myth

A kind of fascist-psychiatry seems to be prevalent in the western world today. This dates from decades past, when people who smoke marijuana were labelled psychotic and delusional for smoking grass, and then taken up in institutions on this basis. They are diagnosed with ‘drug –induced psychosis’ which seems to come straight from the text-book, and then taken up in the system. This diagnosis and treatment is a hoax. Many people function perfectly on marijuana and lead full and productive lives. The medical benefits of the drug for conditions such as glaucoma have been indisputably proved. It is an ‘illness’ that was concocted by fascist regimes of old and is still in use today.

In Apartheid South-Africa it was used as a ploy to silence activists. A well-known anti-Apartheid poet and singer Andre le Toit (Koos Kombuis) was detained and treated at Weskoppies Mental Hospital on this basis. The new government seems to have done little to change this scenario, and seems to be using it in their turn against their own opponents. It is a tactic and a tool to silence dissidents and whistle-blowers.

(A new angle to this story is wireless technology that is used to torture the victim remotely which induces voices and delusions. This ‘proof’ of the person’s insanity, along with the fact that he smokes grass, is then enough to get the person legally institutionalized.)

The whole thing is a sham, a hoax and a disgrace. The medical profession would do well to look at its responsibilities and reputation in this regard. The law has become a criminal and a madman in itself…