The Ripples Of Life

If you go out to a quiet pond somewhere out in the woods, you can walk up to the bank, and pick up a smooth, round pebble from the ground. It is nice to be out in nature in this way, and the birds are singing in the trees around you. The wind is soft and gentle. The pond lies tranquil and serene before you. The water-surface is undisturbed. You take the pebble and throw it in an arc into the middle of the pond. The stone sinks immediately to the bottom, it is inevitable, like an act done and past. On the surface, the water ripples out in ever widening circles from the center where the pebble landed. In life these are like the results of one’s actions. As one stands and watches the ripples extend across the quiet pond, it will take a while before the water will become calm and tranquil again. Just as you sow, so shall you reap.


Fascinating read.


Thank you.