The Rock Of Gibraltar

There is much talk of ‘radical transformation’ in South Africa, both economically and otherwise. Much farmland is to be taken and the mining sector also seems to be staring changes in the face. If this and the accompanying war-talk continues this ‘new direction’ will be the downfall of us all.

The Constitution and the Law is built on three pillars; Liberty, Equality and Justice. Our whole existence and those of future generations stand on these pillars. All our hopes and dreams, and more than that; those of our children – and their children’s children – stand on these principles.

No amendments should be made that would weaken our resolve for prosperity, progress and peace. If the Law and Liberty fails; we all fail. A drowning man needs to know how to swim; but it is better to be in a boat.

In this uncertain political and economic world survival is ‘one-for-all and all-for-one’.  Our motto should still be ‘Unity Through Diversity’. 


&& many of us share your concerns


Thank you.