The Rubik's Cube Of Life

In the ancient art of cryptography one comes across the Greek ‘scytale’ which was a length of wooden stick with a secret message encrypted on it which could only be deciphered by means of wrapping a leather belt around it containing the other half of the message. Sometimes life is like that and we have to find one piece of the belt at a time to try and piece together the mission and purpose of our worldly life and existence. This we have to do for ourself at great cost and expense. Sometimes we need only one more piece of belt to make the message complete. The reward is worth the wait. Or it could be compared to a Rubik’s Cube that only needs one more turn to clarify the result and the rest is easy to do. Once you have connected the dots then you see the whole picture. One day it all falls into place and the whole thing makes sense. The trick is to remain looking for that hidden piece of belt and to never give up. One more turn of the Rubik’s Cube of life and the world is mine.    


You have an interesting Rubik's cube there. The original (real) cube is 3x3x3 squares. I wonder if this 4x4x4 is much harder I was very good at the original cube I was the world champion. Average 1 minute 8 seconds from completely scrambled to pristine. Later there came all kinds of variants.

I like your (ancient) idea for a code it's brilliant some modern computer security codes work much like that. Your comparisons are beautiful and are very original.

Tom Brown

I remember you being quite adept at solving the cube. It is much like solving the puzzle of life I suppose. Regards.


Good party trick hey? That look of disbelief and amazement. Like you say the cube apparently still completely mixed up and one last jiggle-jiggle turn-turn twist voila!

See! A beautiful cube once more! Everything just falls into place just as you said don't give up ever you never know!

I hope you have a great Abc Christmas! You're at the right place! Tom

Thank you.