SA Law

With regard to Mind-Control, Targeted Individuals, and all which it entails as opposed to the English Law; I have the following contemplations. The accused has the fundamental right to be faced by his accusers in a Court of Law, with a straightforward case bought before the court and the public, with a fair and unbiased Judge in control of proceedings. This is in order to ensure that the ends of Justice is indeed fulfilled, and that the guilty is punished and the innocent absolved of all wrongdoing. We in our little corner of the world cannot have Uncle Sam and Hollywood prescribing our means of Justice to us. This disaster in the USA with all these victims complaining on the internet and facebook of horrendous crimes against individuals cannot be tolerated in our neck of the woods. I think I speak for all of us who support the Rule of Law as opposed to a psychedelic trip of ‘Justice’ as proposed by our American friends and neighbours. In the UK and the Commonwealth and elsewhere we should disregard the proposition entirely, whatever it is that they are proposing, especially not replacing our fundamental and unbreakable Law with their Hollywood sideshow of so-called ‘Justice’. The English Law and a competent Judge in an honourable Court of Law will not be denied. This has to end and it has to end now; wherever there is an Englishman still standing, and a Union Jack still flying. No Sir ‘Sam I Am’ I do not like you and your bloody scam! Enough Said.


To preside over matters of life and death nothing other than the Letter of the Law and Concrete Cold Facts will do. Anything other than this represents a charlatan, a fraud and an imposter. It all boils down to murder.


As the old saying goes; 'One doesn't shit where you eat!'