The Scales

We all know that there is the Law; that you pay for any and all wrongdoing. We also know that you don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater; there is such a thing as humanity. It is written that not a comma or a letter of the Law will ever change, yet the gospels is also filled with humanity and love for your neighbour. The scales of balance between these extremes lies in your own mind. If you are the judge you must choose between humanity and the letter of the law. We cannot have murderers running amuck in our streets, and by the same token we cannot have the blood of one innocent man on our hands. The judge has a heavy responsibility on his hands; how do I balance out these scales in the eyes of all men. However the choice still lies with the Government and the people, are we going to instil a culture of Law and Humanity, or am I merely going to swing the gavel indiscriminately; an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. Without the law you have no government and no society, without humanity you have no neighbour and no loved ones. Choose wisely and choose well because the fate of the less fortunate might be your fate as well at the end of the day.