The Season Of Goodwill

For someone like Ebenezer Scrooge Christmas would just be “Humbug!” But to many of us it is an eternal beacon of hope. We are more like the clerk’s family, with none of us being too rich, and my mother supporting the whole family. She is a librarian by trade and a humble wage-earner even after retirement. Our Christmas tree is almost twenty years old, but is still displayed proudly along with the season’s ornaments. Our presents aren’t expensive, but fitting to each one’s taste. On Christmas day we hand out the presents and at noon we have a nice lunch. It is a day to relax and reflect on the year past, and the one ahead. For those who have no joy or interest in this time of year I say; what would life be without goodwill or a sense of common purpose? It would be an empty shell of an existence. It is a time for reflection and regrowth. It is a time for joy and sharing, where even the least might experience the most. It is a time for love and brotherhood. In the words of Tiny Tim: ‘God bless us …everyone!”