The Silent War

Electronic targeting is not a new thing. Voices are broadcast
into the victims head as well as physical targeting by means of electronics.The person is also often targeted by actual persecution on foot or by car.These victims are called Targeted Individuals and their persecutors arelabelled as ‘Perps’.

In the West the victims are often people who are targeted
because they are critical of the foreign policy of the West. They might have Pro-Palistinian views or Pro-Liberation sentiments. They are then targeted on the basis of their politics, religion and other personal convictions.

In my country I was targeted because of my Pro-Western and
Pro-USA views. This they mix with alleged crime which they mix with my personal convictions such as being Democratic and a Believer. I like, all other victims, have suffered unknown horrors at the hands of these perps and their electronics. They have the government on their side, if not the law.

It seems as if it is the age old scenario of the Empire versus
the Barbarians, and the ones who have to pay the ultimate price are the innocents. It is a Silent War and it rages on unabated behind the scenes. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, and it is all a game of deceit and double cross.

This war behind the curtains continues unchecked, and when it
turns into an actual conflict there will be hell to pay. History keeps on repeating itself.


I think they do this stuff but the indivuals mind if used correctly can be more powerfull than ten million minds which all think the same. Your mind is very powerfull and if used correctly can over come all obstacles.

You are not alone in your daily struggles. In the uk there are many of us.