A Simple Lever

A lever is a simple concept that enables us to lift large loads. It consists of a load, the fulcrum and the effort. If the right effort is applied on the one end of the lever it will lift the load on the other end because of the fulcrum that keeps it in balance. It is powerful tool and the very basics of science. It was once said that if we had a lever large enough we could move the world. These are the physical sciences and there is no mistaking it; brainpower gets the job done.

Yet the ‘superstition’ of pressing a thorn into the footprint of an enemy and expecting it to have the desired effect on the recipient is regarded as a myth and a hoax by some. This falls into the realm of the supernatural and thus the impossible. However the one concept is as logically sound and simple as the other. If I press a thorn into your footprint I expect the result to manifest itself in the physical world; flesh and blood. The chances may be slim but the idea and the logic behind it remains the same. With a weapon that greater than myself I can achieve the impossible.

Taking things for granted comes at a very high price. Nothing is fool proof because fools are so ingenious. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch and have respect for all manner of power. You will never know; until you know.     


It is not the complicated thing that the simple man cannot understand; it is the simple thing that the complicated man cannot understand.


'Never dabble with evil lest evil dabbles with you.'