A Speck Of Dust

In terms of the Universe we are merely a speck of dust, and that goes for the whole globe. This how small and fragile we are. The Universe is vast and void, with no beginning and no end. Any point in the Universe is the centre of the Universe; as such it has no boundaries. It is a miracle beyond comprehension and almost makes one believe in a Higher Power. The fact remains that we are merely a speck of dust floating in the dotted nothingness. Conquering the vast expanse seems beyond us mere mortals and we are subject to the higher laws of science and nature. The key is to live in harmony with this greater system and each other. We are so small and insignificant that we would be better of just learning to live in peace and harmony with each other, before pursuing greater aspirations such as conquering the galaxy and the Universe. We are reliant on each other and responsible for ourselves. No great miracle will save us if we cannot save ourselves. Love your neighbour and love yourself by always doing the right thing and being humble. A dust speck is infinitesimally small compared to the greater landscape, but it is still a vital aspect of the bigger picture. Live and let live; that is all that is expected from mankind and us little people. 



dust to dust

The mere phenomenon of the existence of life is another thing we cannot explain.  What the hell do we know anyway?


As you say, the mere existence of life is a miracle, however you look at it &&