Stop Watching Us

Since the revelations of Edward Snowden about the NSA spying activities, both domestic and abroad, there has been much talk about government espionage and how it infringes on the individuals rights. The USA used their intelligence not only on so-called terrorist groups, but also on its own citizens, as well as foreign leaders such as those from Germany and other countries.

It seems as if spying is getting out of hand, with one report suggesting that China had spied on Russian citizens using steam-irons that were bugged. It is thus becoming a matter of ‘spy versus spy’ with countries again engaged in espionage against their rivals, like in the cold-war days. Multi-million dollar spy-satellites are a great help in the endeavour to gain the upper hand in intelligence gathering.

Spying on one’s own citizens is also common with many fearing a ‘1984’ kind of scenario, which entails a totalitarian form government  ruled by fear and secret-police, wherein the individual will have little or no rights. It then becomes a matter of one half of the population spying on the other half, and reporting them for any ‘suspicious’ behaviour to the 'relevant authorities'. The Constitution will go down the drain, and people will not know any real taste of freedom.

The one who wields the technology controls the information. The one who controls the information wins the war. The man on the street is the one who is caught up in this web; he is the one who will get hurt. Stop the lies – stop the spying. As long as there are eyes in our bedrooms we will never be free.


One would think they've got better things to do.


Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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