Summer Of Love

1969. Fifty years ago. Everything was happening in the world. The Cold War was at its highest point of hostility. In Vietnam the ‘Tet Offensive’ was raging across the land. ‘The Beatles’ was the most popular band of the time with songs like ‘Love me do’ and ‘Please, please me’. The space-race was also on the go and in July of that year Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the moon surface. Mini-skirts was all the fashion and the average family drove a Volkswagen Beetle. The hippies and the beat generation represented the liberal ideals of the youth and in August 1969 the concert ‘Woodstock’ was held just outside of New York which was also a memorable moment in world history. The world turned like a door on hinge and opened the way to a new era; the seventies and eighties, with new revolutionary advances in science, technology, music and art. It all happened in that magnificent ‘Summer of Love’ when our eyes where opened to new worlds and new possibilities; and new ways of thinking and doing things. I was born in this momentous year and will soon turn fifty years old. Here’s to the summer of ’69 and all the wonder and miracles that it brought!