The Talented Mr. Woody

In 1994 I was briefly involved with a character named Woody. He apparently was involved in a murder in the Clubview/Swartkop area along with his mate Ponty, when they were in there teens. According to him the police helped cover up this crime.  He tried to get me involved in a murder and his apparent criminal activities, but I said no to his crimes. I put a stop to a hit that he had planned. I told him in no uncertain terms to leave my place and never come back. He then threatened to kill me before leaving. The police had this information when they tortured me with electronics in 1996, but did nothing. Instead they drove me psychotic with the apparatus and had me taken up in psychiatry where I have been a patient ever since. I believe this was to silence me about the matter. Around  1999 he was involved in another murder, but turned state witness against his friend, the gunman – even though he probably was the one behind the whole affair once again. In 2008 the police again attacked me with their wireless electronics and tortured me again about my involvement with this chap, knowing full well that I had nothing to do with his murderous and criminal affairs. Then he goes around bragging that he was the one who had done the shooting. The police are aware of this, and yet he has never been questioned or charged. This whole affair seems like 20 or 30 years of cover-ups and corruption. The innocent was punished and the guilty walked free…

(The other so-called charge against me has to do with a car-accident in which a man died, and which I was unable to defend myself. I was extensively tortured by them and summarily executed. I am now maimed and handicapped for life. I am still under psychiatric care. It has been almost twenty years.)   


All that happened to me over the last twenty years, and all the personal shit throw against me in the process, is just a ruse to distract us from the real crime and criminals; Woody, Ponty and their contacts in SAPS. It is all a great farce and just another hit at the end of the day.  


Confucius says: 'Man who is above the Law must watch out that he doesn't end up below the ground.'