The Targeted Individual


For the last 18 years I have been tortured and persecuted by the SAPS by means of wireless electronics. They claim that it has to do with a car-accident that I was involved in when I was 18 years old wherein a man died. It was a hit-and-run accident. They seem to feel that proceedings were rigged, and that the court was biased in my favour. The other aspect of their ‘case’ seems to involve police-corruption and pertains to a certain character named ‘Woody’ who seems to be involved more than one murder. As far as my dealings with this person goes; I said no to his crimes, and for this I was persecuted all these years. It seems as if the police are trying to pin his crimes on me.


In 1996 I started hearing ‘voices’ when I was working in the Transkei. It was the police with their electronics. I decided to hitch-hike home and was attacked by a group of street thugs outside Pietermaritzburg who tried to stone me to death. I fought my way out of the situation with a knife, and was saved by a motorist who shot at my attackers with a hand-gun. I was nearly murdered because of the fact that the police got me into this situation. They had no mercy and started torturing me with the electronics again when I arrived home. I tried to run away from the persecution by hitch-hiking to Oudtshoorn and Port Elizabeth, but could not evade the wireless electronics. I had to return home where the constant torture continued. After several months of this treatment I was deemed paranoid-delusional and psychotic and was taken up in state psychiatry by the police. The whole affair was tainted with corruption and brutality from the start. For the next five years they seemed to have left me alone while I was working as a barman at a bowling club, but the whole affair started anew in 2002 when I left my work to follow studies and writing.


We laid a charge at the police in 2002 because of constant harassment and crank-calls to our house. Nothing was ever done about the matter. They induced at least one rape-nightmare (tantamount to actually getting raped) during this time. They escalated their harassment and persecution over the next few years by people driving by and hooting, screaming and shouting insults. Wild parties by the neighbours also resulted in me being targeted. There were again several crank-calls to my cell phone. This went on until I lay a second charge of harassment at the police in 2008. Soon after I was attacked by the full force of the police and their wireless electronic weapon. They again drove me psychotic with the device and I was taken to Kalafong Hospital psyche ward one morning. Here, late at night, they attacked me with the device and maimed me, by getting me to cut my own wrist. I lay in pools of my own blood and the attack was savage and barbaric. It was attemted murder. Nonetheless the torture was just stepped up over the next few months as I found myself in Weskoppies Mental Hospital. It was a nightmare of torture throughout my stay there until I was eventually released. I also spent some time in the closed ward which was a horrific experience in my condition. I was tortured about politics, religion and alleged crime. They induced rape-nightmares several times which is tantamount to getting gang-raped. I never saw a court or a lawyer. The police never revealed their names or their faces. The whole thing was nothing but the task of a torture and hit-squad.


Over the next six years their torture continued with the device as can be seen by my writing and actions on the internet. It still involved politics and religion, mixed with alleged crime. I contacted several branches of government, my lawyer and opposition parties. I contacted newspapers and the media. No help was ever forthcoming. In 2012 there was a third attempt on my life by the police when I came across more evidence against Woody and the SAPS. They nearly tortured me to death with the device this time, and I was bed-ridden for several months. All-in-all there has been three attempts on my life. The torture continues but I have come across many victims such as myself, especially in the USA where the use of these electronics seem widespread. I have been on psychiatric drugs for eighteen years because of them. This treatment has been cruel, inhumane and degrading. I am in the process of going over to private psychiatric help, instead of government health services, which is a nightmare all in itself. It is almost twenty years and I am still not entirely free form their persecution, prejudice and hatred.

If anything further should happen to me, you will know that it was because of the SAPS and the ANC-government, and as a result of their barbaric and senseless actions…  

‘Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit.'

(JP Brown, Doringkloof, Centurion.)


The ANC's role in this seems to be race-political while the motives of their lackeys are personal and criminal. This is no justice at all.