The Tree and the Tumbleweed

Some people’s convictions are like a tree that has taken root and grown mighty. It is anchored to the ground by the strong roots of its convictions and cannot be moved. The forces of nature might hammer and wear it; the wind and the rain. An old branch might break of from time to time; but still it stands steadfast and strong. It will grow old and forever be the same.

But other people’s convictions are like a tumbleweed; blown about by the wind. Any change in circumstance or strife will carry it about all over. They have no set views of their own and are easily swayed by the opinion of others. The wind and the weather affect their ways and they will never be anchored to one place. Tumbleweed never rests and never finds a home of its own. They get carried away by any whim and have no true roots of faith to cling to in the stormy weathers of life.

Be like the tree and not the tumbleweed. Be forever strong in love, hope and faith; and your own convictions.


Very true. Build your house upon the rock.

A rolling stone gathers no moss! & Nolan


Thank you.