Upholding The Constitution In South-Africa - A Priority

South Africa’s motto is '!ke e: Ixarra IIke'  which is Khoisan for 'Diverse people Unite' or loosely translated; 'Unity through Diversity'.

I feel more should be done to ensure this sentiment remains valid. No-one should be persecuted on the basis of their race, heritage or ethnicity. People should also not be discriminated against because they are minorities or for holding their own political beliefs. The authorities have the duty to see that their governance remains true to this principle, and the Constitution that it represents. The Law should protect everyone equally.

For order and prosperity to remain in place, all individuals of our diverse society should be treated humanity and dignity. To stray from this guidance, as set out by the new democratic government under President Mandela in 1994, would be folly. It is in the interest of us all to seek justice and reason in a fair and equal society.