A Vagabond Bard - My Writing

I was a born story-teller. In grade school the teacher would put me in front of the class to tell impromptu stories, while she was busy marking. This could carry on for a few days, with me entertaining the others with my made-up stories and antics. Me and a few old classmates still have memories of those early years. In high-school I had a very good Afrikaans and English teacher, who taught me all that I know about poetry and literature. I always fared well in these two subjects, and they were my favourites at school. In the army and in my bricklaying days I wrote several poems, and it was a pass-time that I really enjoyed. It was only a bit later in life that I was actually able to study a bit, and I achieved second year English and Afrikaans, although I could not complete my BA degree. During this time the emergence of the internet had also made it possible for me to write as a hobby. I did it for eight years between 2002 and 2010. My work is now on two websites in London and Los Angeles.  I have a few translations of my stuff in Afrikaans, along with a few Afrikaans poems, in South Africa. Next year I plan on looking in new directions and whatever the future may bring. In the words of John Denver; ‘It sure was good to have a chance to hang around…’